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Devil’s Cut

Devil's Cut Whiskey So my recent acquisition of an old Nikon FM had me baffled. After loading a roll of Kodak Gold 200 I went for a hike only to find advancing the film initiated the shutter. This caused me to once again advance the film resulting in a wasted shot. This happened repeatedly. I went to the forums for help and unfortunately I dont believe I was able to articulate my issue with the camera correctly so I ended up just taking random shots with the roll to completion.

I had a blank roll that I loaded into the camera and found that the same issue reoccurred. Frustrated I started thinking it had to be the camera. But in my mind I knew that wasnt the case because the shutter advanced correctly without film. So I decided to keep trying. Finally I rewound the film and loaded it slightly different, being careful to not tighten to much slack.

Believe it or not that was the case. This temperamental little FM didnt not like me taking up the slack after loading either to tightly or in a somewhat slack way.

So I have to admit operator error! 🙁

Anywho’s I kept the first roll and decided to process it anyways since I had others to develop and low and behold there was one shot that was worth something. That shot is what you see here in this post.

I sure do love the learning curve of shooting film. The entire process from inserting a new roll of film to picking your shots is a lesson in patience and to slow down.

I also love the rich tones and warm colors of this shot.

Here’s to a continuation of the journey!

By Ani, November 27, 2014 Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


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