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“Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement”…

I’ve been following and supporting this project pretty much since these guys shared their idea of taking this trip online with kickstarter. Been looking forward to this film and it looks like its finally coming soon.

The opening quote is so profound and can be put to most situations in daily life. Just like whatever your passion is that drives you, for me its horses and photography, it teaches us about ourselves, how we view others and the world around us.

I’m sure the Unbranded film will be one of self discovery, one of inspiration and one of true grit for those involved in the journey.

I’m championing this film because I really hope it gets the recognition it deserves. The topic of wild mustangs being saved is also something near and dear to my heart and this film addresses that cause and encourages the preservation of a legacy that holds true to this country.


For information on the support of the wild mustang you can find information at the American Wild Horse Preservation and Mustang Heritage Foundation.

To learn more about the entire Unbranded story, from adopting and training the wild mustangs they brought along on the trip to the upcoming release of the film visit Unbranded.

By Ani, February 9, 2015 Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


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