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The Wedding of Cherrelle & Mike

I suppose I should start this new entry off with a bit of a disclaimer: I am not or will not claim to be a wedding photographer. I am a photographer, a photography enthusiast, a lover of photography and forever student of all things photography.

Cherrelle and Mike’s wedding like that of my other niece’s wedding a few years back are the only two weddings that I’ve photographed. I don’t think a professional should be left out of the equation when budgeting your wedding. With that said I was very honored to have been hired by my niece’s on both occasions.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed learning quite a bit about posing, composition, light and shadows and of course the tools needed in creating a photograph. Is wedding photography in my future, who knows. I suppose with the precise training for that field it may very well happen. Would I love to make photographs through travel for the rest of my life, heck yeah! Selling a photo here and there would also be nice, as it helps pay for this crazy, passion of mine.

Ok, now back to weddings. They are hectic, frantic and stressful and I learned a lot, about what I need to work on more importantly that this passion of mine is an inspiration on its own…God Bless the wedding pros that do this for a living. I tip my hat to you all. Landscapes and photojournalism is something I will always love but to be honest moving outside my comfort zone was a very rewarding experience.

And with that I will stop ranting and share some images.

By Ani, October 31, 2016 Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


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