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Nikon D2X Camera Review 2019

This is a long overdue review of my old time favorite camera, the Nikon D2X. Its a workhorse of a camera, big, bold and built like a tank.

The D2X is one of Nikon’s flagship oldschool workhorses. Its debut came at a time when digital cameras were still relatively new and the general public were entering an era that change the face of photography. While film and analog cameras were still in high demand, the D2X was a shiny new kid on the block.

Set up as Nikon’s high resolution camera came to life in 2005. It demanded attention with a 12.4 megapixel CMOS DX sensor featuring a professional body built and designed for professional photographers.

I’m not a technical camera person so this isn’t a list feature review, instead its a personal opinion on a camera that has taught and helped me hone my craft over the years.

Before I got into a full frame sensor of the Df and the D800 my two work cameras there was the D2X. It was my first pro camera body and it was huge. Prior to the D2X, a camera that sold for $4,999 brand new, the copy I ended up owning was $399. What a price difference after just a few short years. And especially for a professional build camera.

I primarily use the D2X with my 300mm F/4 lens and it has never failed me. It’s a big build of a camera; but hiking around with this body and the 300mm has never bothered me. I use it mainly for landscape and equine photos during the day.

By Ani, March 29, 2019 Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


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