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A Day in My Life, Gratitude

Rainy Days, Blessed Days

Went for a walk today, it was a nice walk with lots of dark clouds and raindrops on the regrowth of spring. I love these days, they slow me down and bring me into reflection. Ive had alot to be thankful for. God has brought me through a huge storm in life recently and I couldn’t be more appreciative for rainy days, sunny days, little moments, big moments and for every moment.

I havent been making photographs much but today I was feeling a bit ill, so I decided to go out for a walk instead of letting it get me down. Ever since my appendectomy I have pain, digestive issues etc, so today was one of those days.

Needless to say its better not to focus on the negative but instead to go out and just feel the beauty God surrounds us with each and every day.

Below are some of the images that make me stop and just breathe in that beauty.

“Within ourselves, there are voices that provide us with all the answers that we need to heal our deepest wounds, to transcend our limitations, to overcome our obstacles or challenges, and to see where our soul is longing to go.” Debbie Ford

By Ani, April 19, 2019 Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


Christian, ranch wife, mama to a wee lil yorkie and three buckskins.


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