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Lover of light. Rider of Equus. Seeker of Peace. Hopeless Romantic…Sensitive Soul…A Fighter…and a Believer

I started a blog many years ago after getting married and moving away to start our life together. It was a great way to stay in contact with siblings and my new family, especially my new mother in law. Email was sorta boring to me and I wanted someplace to save all the images and adventures I was sharing via email in sort of a journal.

I used my old website to document birthday’s, hikes, meeting new friends, discovering new adventures and of course all the images I made…that was until it all crashed and I lost years of journal entries.

I moved on to myspace, Facebook, Instagram and all the social media tools available but it didn’t seem personal enough. I missed writing down interesting ideas, notes about my images, horses, life and geeking out on camera gear. I didn’t care if no one ever read my blog, (but I welcome those that choose too) because like a journal it is a way to reflect and a great outlet of expression.

This blog is a great way for me to see how I grow each day, month and yearly as a person, an enthusiast photographer and better horsewoman and to look back at all the blessings I’ve been given. I guess its also a family album of years of memories to look back upon every once in awhile.

Deciding to host this blog on WordPress rather than another self hosted blog helps me to not have to deal with the headaches behind the scenes. I have plenty to do in daily life with work and family than to have to worry about technical issues that may arise. In addition it also helps me to be a little less introverted by interacting with like mind individuals who share a common interests in outdoor activities, photography, horses and the love of the inspiring humans around the globe!

I’ve discovered many great little ways to stay inspired and connected with my hobbies and passions and I hope to continue to document them here. So thanks for coming on and viewing, interacting and letting me also see a glimpse into who you are.


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